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Weekend Roundup!

desk and rug

Happy Monday to all! I hope you all had a fun weekend. I know I did!

Friday night, Steve’s best man came in town (Steve’s Cleveland bachelor party was Saturday) so we grabbed a drink and watched the Dayton game. It was pretty low key, but that was fine by me!

I also was able to get the desk together for the new office and the area rug came (see the pic above)! I must say, Wayfair shipped those items so quickly I was astonished. The desk was promised in 2 days, but arrived in 1! You should definitely consider shopping through them.

gold heart mug

I am loving the girliness of the office (don’t worry, Steve get’s to have his man cave in the basement). The mirrored desk and pink rug are so fun, and they inspire me to make more fun, girly projects (like the mug shown above)! There will definitely be more things popping up in the shop in the coming weeks. What do you think of the gold heart mug? Should I add it to the shop?

Saturday I had to work at the bridesmaid store – which was fine with me since my bridesmaid dresses finally arrived! Can’t wait for everyone to see the wedding pictures. I think they are going to look great on all of my bridesmaids!

brews and prose

Saturday night I went to a fundraiser called Brews and Prose.  The Brews and Prose program brings writers, poets, etc. of all kinds to Cleveland to take part in a speaker series and for other events.  Various major publishing houses have picked up on this series and want their writers to be involved – another major thing happening in Cleveland! So I was able to hear from two amazing writers. And enjoy some great beers from Market Garden Brewery.  Win win. These events typically occur the first Tuesday of every month in the basement of Market Garden.  If you are in the area (or not), you should plan on attending the next event!

go cavs writing

Sunday was spent mainly on the couch with Steve (believe me, he needed it).  But it was nice to relax and watch the Cavs win. We also have been re-watching House of Cards in preparation for the next season that will be released at the end of the month.

What did you guys do this weekend?



But First, Coffee

but first, coffee

So Steve and I both love coffee (especially a hot cup o’ joe during these freezing Cleveland days).  Can’t go a morning without it (is that sad? maybe. but there are way worse addictions out there – or so I tell myself). We have recently been trying a bunch of new kinds (usually whatever happens to be on sale at the time) but I will fill you in on one of our faves , my favorite coffee shop and a few of my favorite mugs that you just might want to scoop up for yourself as well!

Note that the print above is made by one of my FAVORITE Etsy shops, Chalk Full of Love. This is such a fun shop for prints, mugs, and customized art! She is so talented – definitely check her out!

bloggers gonna blog

The mug shown above is one of my FAVORITES from Charm and Gumption.  This cute mug is perfect on the go! They have such an amazing Etsy shop (click on link above to view). You are sure to find something you love!

Boston Stoker

One of our favorite coffee brands is Boston Stoker.  They are based out of Dayton, OH and have GREAT tasting coffee – and amazing flavors! Some flavors include Crazy Caramel, Snickerdoodle, and Hazelnut.  You should order yourself some to try or go visit one of their locations in Dayton, Centerville, Englewood, or Columbus!  Steve and I will be in Dayton for Valentine’s Day – I’m hoping we get a chance to stock up!

more sugar mug

This mug from Ashley Brooke Designs is another one of my absolute faves! Everything she does is so cute and fun – I can’t handle it! I have my eye on about ten of her different products. I keep adding them to the cart, then reconsidering, and then saying welllllll I don’t REALLY have to heat my house or pay for electricity right?! But then I figure Moe the pup would be pretty cold and probably start walking into things so I used my better judgment.  One of these days, I’m filling up that cart and clicking “submit order”.  Just you wait.


Lastly – one of my favorite coffee shops – Civilization.  It is located in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, and boy do they have a wide selection of flavors! Aside from being a great coffee shop, it is in one of my favorite neighborhoods – added bonus! Tremont has so many small boutiques, business, and restaurants. I love ’em all! If you are ever in Cleveland, be sure to check this place and this area out! They also are part of Cleveland’s bike share program which is just phenomenal if you ask me.  Why drive when you can bike?!



Weekend Roundup!

Hey friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was fun and productive which is always good!

Friday night Steve and I toured the Cleveland Whiskey distillery along with my brother and his fiancé.  It was definitely interesting even though I am not a whiskey person. We got to learn a little bit about the process of making whiskey the traditional way and also learned about how Cleveland Whiskey has revolutionized the process – they decreased the time it takes to “age” whiskey from 8-10 year down to 24 hours.  Sounds a little more efficient to me!

The owner is a super friendly guy, as is his son.  They are originally from Boston, but I am glad they decided to make the change and move to Cleveland and bring a great new business idea along with them.

Saturday night we took it easy – made some dinner (Steve made me fish tacos that were amazing!) and had some whiskey cocktails (when mixed with ginger ale I didn’t hate it THAT much).

wood floors

Sunday was spent working on the new home office!  We tore up the carpet in one of the spare bedrooms and found some nearly immaculate hardwood floors! Can’t complain about that!

We moved onto painting – starting with a light greige (grey/beige) color.  We are going to do an accent wall with thick rugby stripes of the greige and cream.  I will post more photos as we keep moving along!

We also went to Steve’s parents house to watch the game & eat some great snacks and chili. Great end to a great weekend!

Have an suggestions for a super fun home office? I would love to hear them!

New Store Alert! In the 216

In the 216 v2

It’s Friday! Which means the weekend is here – and I would love to tell you all about a new store that you should journey to this weekend – In the 216.

Where is it located?

The store is on Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights where the Phoenix Coffee used to be (right next to Bodega).  It is in a perfect location with all of the foot traffic and a great neighborhood that loves to support the arts and local artists specifically! Click on the address below to find it on Google Maps.

1854 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights, OH

What do they sell?

There are currently 42 local artisans that sell their work there.  There is a wide array of jewelry, pillows, dog treats, dog bandanas, wall hangings, t-shirts, collectibles, YOU NAME IT! It’s like journeying to the Cleveland Bazaar any day of the week. Oh – and Edgewater Marketplace coasters will be there very soon!

Why should you go?

The store is very supportive of local artists, and if you would like to support these artists as well, you should go! I guarantee you will find something that strikes your fancy.

What are their hours?

Check out their Facebook page for all of their hours and additional info!

Let us know what you think of the shop!



Check This Out! – Elle & Company

elle & co

Happy hump day, friends! Today I want to tell y’all about one of my favorite blogs these days. Elle & Company.  Lauren – the blogger – offers tons of great advice on how to start a blog, better your blog, and use your blog to gain a following and earn some cash!

She also has great posts about social media. She explains the benefits of its use and how you can use it to promote your business and gain traffic to your blog! She mentions the benefits of twitter/pinterest/instagram/facebook. Check out her blog post here.


On top of her great blogging advice, she also is a great designer! She offers a “library” on her website, which is full of prints, cards, gift tags, Ellebook planner pages (as shown above), calendars, etc.  In order to access this library, you have to pay a monthly fee of $6.99 – but you pay this on a monthly basis and can cancel at any time! I have subscribed for one month thus far, and let me tell you, it is such a great deal – and a great idea on Lauren’s part!

The Ellebook is worth the $6.99 alone! It has made my business and personal life so much more organized, which is a necessity when you have a daily job, help out at a bridesmaid boutique on Saturdays, manage a small business – and are planning a wedding on top of it all!

There is a large column for each day, which is broken down into five subsections. I use the top section to mark down any specific activities I have that day, then include a to do list in the second section, log my workout for the day in the third section, include my daily Etsy orders in the fourth section, and total sales dollars in the last section! You can tailor it to any of your personal/business needs which makes is perfect for ANYONE!

Have I convinced anyone to check out her blog and library?



My BFF – The Cricut

Cricut 1

Today I wanted to introduce you to one of my newest best friends – Miss Cricut.

The Cricut may be one of the greatest inventions for crafters EVER. Are you a crafter? Do you have a Cricut? No? Change that.  My parents gave me the Cricut Explore for Christmas after I had borrowed (for entirely too long) my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s Cricut.  It is amazing all of the things that you can do with the Explore!

What is a Cricut?

An electronic cutting machine.

Cricut & Paper

What can it cut?

Vinyl, paper, cardstock, fabric, leather, etc!

cricut ampersand

What shapes can you cut?

The possibilities are endless! There is a file library of images in the Cricut studio (many of which are free) or you can purchase thousands of others for only $.99!  There are dozens of fonts that come pre-loaded in the studio as well, or if you download fonts to your computer, you can use those as well! ALSO – and this is just amazing to me – YOU CAN UPLOAD ANY IMAGE FROM YOUR COMPUTER…AND IT WILL CUT IT! This boggles my mind, but yes, it can be done! I was able to cut our company logo. How cool is that?!

Blue Striped Ohio

Another area I am venturing into is monograms. You can design super fun / cute / elegant/ modern monograms, cut them out in vinyl, and attach it to whatever you please! The above pictures are our monogrammed coasters available on our Etsy site.

Want a personalized notebook? You got it! Personalized coffee mug? Done. Personalized folder? Easy. (I think you get the picture)

What is the price?

The Cricut Explore is currently $229.99 on the Cricut website – but if you keep your eyes out for a coupon to JoAnn’s, Michaels, etc. you can always snag a good deal! And just think of all the possibilities! Your craft game will be completely changed for the better.

Cricut Logo

Are you convinced?

Let me know what projects you make with your Cricut! I would love to hear!

Weekend Roundup & Latest Designs!

This weekend sure did fly by! I always have 100 things I want to get done each weekend and usually only get to a few. Oh well – there is always next week (or so I tell myself every Sunday).

Saturday, most of the day was spent working so a relaxing night was just what I needed.  We got to spend some much-needed time with Steve’s family and played Six Word Memoirs (click on the link to find it on Amazon).  If you haven’t played this game yet, I highly recommend you do so. It’s fun for the whole family (and slightly more appropriate than Cards Against Humanity).

Warehouse Dist 2

Sunday was spent catching up on some more work, running errands, and coming up with new designs for the shop!  Made some slightly less girly Ohio coasters with some of the different Cleveland neighborhoods. These are now available in the Etsy shop! What do you guys think?

Cleveland Neighborhoods

trmnt coaster

Stay tuned later this week for some exciting news!

And also – be sure to check out a new local shop that opened on Coventry in Cleveland Heights – In The 216.  I will give you some more details on their shop later this week!



Home Office Inspiration

TGIF! Right?! This has been a veeeerrrryyy long week (that went by way too quickly – not sure how that works?) Let me tell you, I am ready for the weekend! And what does this weekend bring? Dreams of turning one of our spare bedrooms into a home office / craft room.  I figured I would share with you some of my inspiration. Let me know your thoughts!

Office Inspo1

I absolutely love the white and soft colors/neutrals in this room…and all of the light! A glass-topped desk is definitely on my DIY to-do list.  I will be working on that as one of my first projects and will be sure to keep y’all posted. This is my ultimate wish – and with that being said, the actual makeover will probably look nothing like this. A girl can dream though, right?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I am also loving the striped accent wall here.  I think I may go with a greige on three walls (any good greige suggestions) and a greige and off-white striped accent wall on the fourth.  Loving those antlers as well! One of my best gal pals, Amanda, found similar ones at TJ Maxx – so I know where I am headed to find my own!  And lastly – super into those poufs. Hoping to find a neutral one like this one I saw at Target.

office inspo2

I am loving so many things about this office as well! I love the built in storage/counter space as well at that amazing wingback chair! Those wood floors are definitely something we are going to try – and a great area rug! Anybody have any suggestions for a super fun area rug that doesn’t break the bank?

Our bedrooms are currently carpeted, so we are going to rip that up and see what we have.  If all else fails, there are some amazing fake wood tiles out there right now that look beautiful once installed! Just may have to give those a try.

Does anyone have an suggestions for home décor on a budget? What is in your dream home office? Comment below!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Good afternoon to y’all! Hope your Monday wasn’t too miserable.  In case it was, here are a few things that you may like (and may want to add to YOUR shopping bag) to make your Tuesday just that much better. I want to share a few of my favorite things right now that I use for my small etsy bus/wedding plans/my own personal use!

fav thing - ohio thank you bbinvites

1. Ohio Thank You NotesBorrowed & Blue Handmade Stationery

These notes are AMAZING. I am using them to write thank you notes for all of the wonderful things people have been helping me out with through wedding planning and our small biz! Lindsay, the owner of B&B Invites, is a super nice local girl living in Lakewood, OH.  I stumbled across her while I was working at the Boutique Bridal Bazaar a couple weeks ago (I help out at a bridesmaid boutique on Saturdays) and I just HAD to have these notecards.  I finally picked them up from her this past weekend and will definitely be needing to order more! She can create custom designs for your as well – click on the link above to find her etsy site! You won’t want to miss out!

fav thing 3 - haute papier coaster

2. Customized CoastersHaute Papier

I ordered these coasters from Lovely Paperie & Gifts for my save the dates – and I want to order a million more! The custom possibilities on these bad boys are endless. Also, if you are looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your list (men, women, and kids!) check out Lovely Paperie in Rocky River.  They’ve got it all! And the owner, Kate, is super friendly.

fav thing 2 - gold scissors.sugarpaper.washi tape

3. Gold Scissors, Gold Washi Tape, and Planner – Amazon (scissors/tape) & Sugar Paper (planner)

Every year I get super excited to fill up a new, fun planner.  This year, I was all about Sugar Paper’s Target line! They had the perfect gold polka dot planner, along with many other designs.  So fun for planning all things wedding & small biz! Everything they touch is amazing so check out their website.

I’m also working on turning one of our spare bedrooms into an office/craft space – which is where all of the gold office supplies comes in.  Steve thinks I am crazy, but I love it. Every girl needs a little gold glam in her life.  I love using the gold patterned washi tape to wrap up packages.  It’s a little more fun than using your basic scotch tape. And aside from those scissors looking FANTASTIC – they cut like a dream, which is a necessity for coaster-making.

Well those are a few of my favorite things right now! I will keep you updated weekly on more of my favorite things, but in the mean time, let me know what your favorite things are!

As always, thanks for stopping by