Workout Revamped – Daily Burn!

daily burn

Winter is tough to get out and move, am I right?  With those frigid temps and the craziness at work, I haven’t been running outside as much as I had hoped. With our wedding coming up in just a few short months and my new years resolution hanging over my head, I’ve gotta stick with SOME type of routine, which is why I decided to give Daily Burn a shot.

What’s the Plan?

Do you have Hulu? If so – I bet you’ve see ads for Daily Burn. It’s basically a workout program that is “customized” to you (come on now, they aren’t fooling me, there are about 3 basic plans to choose from).  Regardless, they have plans for different fitness levels so it is great for anyone that wants to burn some cals from home!

I started my first workout on Sunday…and I still can’t walk properly.  The Body Weight Tabata workout is one of the hardest workouts I have ever done! It is a full body workout without having to use tons of equipment (for that specific workout all you needed was a box to jump on/off – I used my Cricut box). I definitely recommend this workout! The total program that was “customized” for me lasts 2 months. Not too shabby! As long as you are paying for the service, you can do any video at any time, but they do give you workout schedule in case you want to follow along some sort of calendar.


They use a scoring metric each time you complete a workout, so I am excited to see my scores increase as I continue on with the program. I am also hoping Steve starts doing these workouts so we can compete (and I can win) (okay fine, he will always win).

What is the cost?

I utilized the free 30 day trial, and after that it is $12.99/month.  Personally, I think health and fitness is worth every penny as this is the only body we were given – but regardless of my own philosophy, that is a small price to pay to stay fit!

Has anyone else tried these workouts? What was your favorite? What was the hardest workout? Comment below!