But First, Coffee

but first, coffee

So Steve and I both love coffee (especially a hot cup o’ joe during these freezing Cleveland days).  Can’t go a morning without it (is that sad? maybe. but there are way worse addictions out there – or so I tell myself). We have recently been trying a bunch of new kinds (usually whatever happens to be on sale at the time) but I will fill you in on one of our faves , my favorite coffee shop and a few of my favorite mugs that you just might want to scoop up for yourself as well!

Note that the print above is made by one of my FAVORITE Etsy shops, Chalk Full of Love. This is such a fun shop for prints, mugs, and customized art! She is so talented – definitely check her out!

bloggers gonna blog

The mug shown above is one of my FAVORITES from Charm and Gumption.  This cute mug is perfect on the go! They have such an amazing Etsy shop (click on link above to view). You are sure to find something you love!

Boston Stoker

One of our favorite coffee brands is Boston Stoker.  They are based out of Dayton, OH and have GREAT tasting coffee – and amazing flavors! Some flavors include Crazy Caramel, Snickerdoodle, and Hazelnut.  You should order yourself some to try or go visit one of their locations in Dayton, Centerville, Englewood, or Columbus!  Steve and I will be in Dayton for Valentine’s Day – I’m hoping we get a chance to stock up!

more sugar mug

This mug from Ashley Brooke Designs is another one of my absolute faves! Everything she does is so cute and fun – I can’t handle it! I have my eye on about ten of her different products. I keep adding them to the cart, then reconsidering, and then saying welllllll I don’t REALLY have to heat my house or pay for electricity right?! But then I figure Moe the pup would be pretty cold and probably start walking into things so I used my better judgment.  One of these days, I’m filling up that cart and clicking “submit order”.  Just you wait.


Lastly – one of my favorite coffee shops – Civilization.  It is located in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, and boy do they have a wide selection of flavors! Aside from being a great coffee shop, it is in one of my favorite neighborhoods – added bonus! Tremont has so many small boutiques, business, and restaurants. I love ’em all! If you are ever in Cleveland, be sure to check this place and this area out! They also are part of Cleveland’s bike share program which is just phenomenal if you ask me.  Why drive when you can bike?!



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