Weekly Feature Wednesday: Made in Mechanicsville



Hi friends! Today is my first installment of Weekly Feature Wednesday. Each week I will feature another small business that I admire.  I have received so many kind and supportive words from other small businesses / Etsy shop owners.  Supporting other small businesses is what I am all about – not to mention, I love learning more about different crafts other than my own!

For our first feature, we have Made in Mechanicsville – an amazingly talented duo down in Mechanicsville, VA that makes gorgeous, budget-friendly, fashionable jewelry. I myself have a pair of their Lark studs and I LOVE them! They started up their small jewelry business in 2014.  If these are their products coming out the gate, I can’t wait to see what they make in the future!

The following is a little more info on their business and a glimpse into the lives of Lauren and James.

Lark Studs

Karen: Where are you originally from and where do you currently live?

Made in Mechanicsville: We live in Mechanicsville, Virginia which is about 15 minutes from Richmond, the capitol. I am originally from Jeffersonton, Virginia. It is a small, rural town outside of DC. We had one stop light! I was raised in Pittsburgh, though and have only been in Virginia for about 12 years.

K: How long have you been making jewelry and what inspired you to do so?

MM: I have been making jewelry for about a year. I started just because I love jewelry, especially earrings. My best friend sold Silpada Designs for years and I became sort of addicted to jewelry shopping. I was inspired to start making my own out of love for working with my hands and needing a creative outlet from my day job. I am also sort of a natural born entrepreneur.

Briolette Earrings

K: What is your favorite type of jewelry to make?

MM: Earrings! Although I am loving stamping metal and cutting leather. There are more necklaces in the works at our studio.

K: What are your goals / hopes / dreams for your business?

MM: Ideally, I would love to see our business grow and make an impact on our small town. We are a town with so many creatives. I want to inspire people to stay local rather than feeling like they have to be in the city to succeed. My hope is that we keep on getting more creative, better at our craft and use what we earn to help others in need. I want to light a fire in this little town! (Figuratively, haha.)

K: What do you like to do for fun outside of jewelry making?

MM: We love spending time with our two rescue dogs, Peppoe and Willie and our families. I also love traveling, going to church, working out and a good glass of wine. Also love me some Netflix.

K: Do you have any favorite jewelry designers?

MM: I love Ivanka Trump and Kendra Scott. Both women are incredibly inspiring and have gorgeous jewelry. Locally, I love Kristy Santelli of Drift/Riot. Nancy Stewart is a glass bead maker and her stuff is fabulous – Hot Flash Glassworks of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Lauren is super passionate about her small business and about keeping things local. I would have to say we have that in common!

14K Gold Hoop Earrings

Make sure you take a look at Made’s blog and Etsy shop and pick up your own Made in Mechanicsville piece!

Use the coupon code BLOGLOVE for 20% off any order in their Etsy shop!

A big thank you to Lauren & James for allowing me to feature their beautiful work on my blog!



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